How You Can Effortlessly Turn Your Website into a Money Making Machine in Less than 24 Hours

Today I was on the phone with a fellow entrepreneur who is in the beginning stages of generating leads online for her business.

She was frustrated because she was spending so much time learning about internet marketing, that she felt like she wasn’t concentrating enough on her primary network marketing business.

This is a common problem among many entrepreneurs when they first get started online. The internet is like a vast ocean and there are so many things you could do to build your business online, and there are so many products you could buy, that it’s hard to know where to start.

Facebook? Video Marketing? Pinterest? LinkedIn? Twitter? Blogging? PPC Ads? Traffic Strategies? Affiliate Marketing? SEO? JV Partners? Article Marketing?

These are all important, but if you try to learn every strategy at once, you’ll go into information overload.

So before getting trapped in the internet marketing abyss, you need to focus and master one thing first. And that is, to brand yourself online with a website that converts visitors to buyers.

Now I know this answer seems pretty obvious, but if you’ve shelled out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a gorgeous looking website, but you have no way of converting visitors to buyers, you’ve just wasted a ton of money and time.


1)  It captures email addresses and contact information from people who visit. This is extremely important. Your website could win every design award around, but if you’re a small business – you need to make money and build your business. That means you need a way of capturing people’s information so that you can build a relationship with them, so one day they may become clients. If you’re missing this element on your website, you’re literally leaving money on the table.

2) It’s your store front. Your website is your meeting place for people to see what you’re all about. It proves who you are and your authenticity. It builds people’s trust with you and your brand.

3) It brands you as an authority and leader on the topic and niche that you choose.

4) It’s a place where you can promote and sell your products and services.

5) It’s a way to educate, solve problems, and it’s a platform for creating a dialogue with others.


1) An Email Opt-In Form (So people can give you their name and email addresses)

2) Branding of You and Your Company (Professional photos of you, a logo and/or header)

3) Consistent, Interesting, Educational, Original and Fun – CONTENT.

4) A Free Gift (For when someone gives you their contact information)

5) Google Analytics so that you can measure and track statistical information about the performance of your website (visitors, ROI, advertising, referrals, social media, etc.)


I recently took Brendon Burchard’s Expert Academy course, and one of the powerful things I learned from him, is how to make a “Home Page ATM.” Essentially, how to turn your website, into a profitable business. Brendon is a New York Times best-selling author and Anderson Cooper called him “One of the top business and marketing trainers in the world.” Below is his framework that you can follow for your website home page. You’ll notice that there are two places where he asks for someone’s name and email address, and where he offers a FREE gift.











Below are examples of the email opt-in forms that I use on my own websites to collect contact information and emails. Be sure to include a free gift with valuable content when you’re asking someone to give you their email address, because people are already overloaded with spam, so it’s important to offer value. Examples of free gifts: a PDF e-book, a video series, an information webinar, a CD, a DVD, or an MP3. If you can’t come up with a product, then you could offer your services as a free gift. For example, if you’re a coach or business owner with specific knowledge, you could offer up a free 30 minute phone consultation. Be sure to include 3 bullet points of what they’ll receive when they work with you, and focus on the benefits (the end result) or the problems you’re solving for them.

PopUp Domination

As soon as someone visits my website, a pop-up comes up offering my free PDF e-book download. I’m not a fan of pop-ups, but this one gets an amazing conversion rate and it definitely works.












Magic Action Box by Prosulum, LLC
I use this email opt-in box at the top of my website home page.










AWeber Integration by OM4 
I use this email opt-in form on my sidebar.


















PopUp Domination
For PopUp Domination, you’ll need to go to their website for the instant download.
It costs $77 US dollars ($83 Canadian).

Magic Action Box + AWeber Integration 
Magic Action Box by Prosulum, LLC and AWeber Integration by OM4 are free plugins.
In your WordPress, go to Plugins.
Then Add New.
Then go to the Search box and type in the name of the plugin. Once you find the plugin, follow the instructions to upload to your blog and you’re good to go!












To Your Online Success!



Meghan Mackintosh

Meghan Mackintosh

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    Great post, Meghan – I’ve never heard of the Magic Action Box, I’m going to check it out. Thank you! That name is so appropriate… it’s all about being Action Jackson 😉


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    Great Post Meghan. It is so important to have your piece of Real Estate on the Internet! I also use MLSP and have love the concept of attraction marketing.
    Love your site!

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